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Scotland on Sunday Sept 17th - There is a strong and heartening Scottish presence among the Toronto titles. Billy Connolly has one of the most bizarre roles of his career in Fido, an offbeat comedy in which he plays a domesticated zombie purchased by a squeaky clean suburban family. He doesn't utter a single line of dialogue, but his eyes speak volumes.
Total Film - Total Film also laughed its head off at a beardless Billy Connolly playing a little boy’s pet zombie in Andrew Currie’s suburban satire Fido – and caught up with the Big Yin for a natter on the Intercontinental terrace. “Thank god there’s no zombie rulebook,” chuckled the Scots funnyman, who jumped at the role because he didn’t have to memorise any dialogue. “I just did what the hell I wanted.”
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette by Barbara Vancheri - "Fido" -- Just like in "Lassie," there's a little boy named Timmy and a pet, but his is a zombie (Billy Connolly) who gnaws on the neighbor in this sharp satire. by Spatula - Fido by Andrew Currie is a MUST SEE for zombie/comedy fans. Absolutely brilliant film with 50's style flair and dark sadistic humor that you can never get sick of. MUST SEE.